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Licensed Psychotherapist, LCSW, MBA, PA

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We all need a smile since the Newtown tragedy, so I’m sharing this photo of Red. He’s a red-bone hound we just adopted from the pound  after  losing Blondie, our beloved 17 year old lab, and another former pound pup. As a two-time survivor of violence, a psychotherapist, and someone who has taken effective social action in the past, my December 16th blog presents a prescription for coping as we mourn with Newtown and for moving forward in a positive way.  Here’s a brief follow up. The day after my discussion with the local theater manager I receieved a call from “Corporate”.  In a lengthy voice mail, in which he sounded sad, the executive calling agreed there’s no place in our society for video games which were in use in his theater last week-end.  (His reference was to”Time Crisis”, which features rapid-fire killing as it’s objective). He told me that prior to my call he just walked past it “like it was furniture”.  Again sounding sad, he added ” We’ve disconnected the game and put a large “Out of Order” sign on it.” I phoned him to thank him, and plan to bring the female theater manager who relayed my message some flowers tomorrow.  What a relief!  Now no troubled ten year old will discover an escape from his pain in a “game” which promotes killing.  Please pick up this mantle. It’s time to resensitize ourselves, not desensitize ourselves to what’s wrong with our society. You’ll find there’s a new Newtown sentiment – let’s hope a new lasting normal – which will make your work easier. It will be both personally healing as well as helpful to our country, I believe.

All my best to all of you,

Arlene B. Englander, LCSW, MBA, PA




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