Robbing Children of the Right to Fail

Many of us are well aware that we learn more from failure than success. Frustrating though they are, our failures force us to look back, tweak our efforts, and strive for better outcomes in the future. As Thomas Edison famously stated –  “I failed my way to success.” The tragedies of the school admissions scandal […]

There’s Now Real Help!

Do you – or does someone you know – have a love-hate relationship with food? There’s now good news! I’m pleased to announce that my book Love Your Food and Let Go of Emotional Overeating: A Five Point Plan for Success was published by Rowman & Littlefield In July 2018. It’s exciting to be able […]

Our Opioid Crisis – We’re All At Risk

Several decades ago, when I was still a college freshman, my parents arrived at my dorm presenting me with a pack of “mild,” mentholated cigarettes suggesting it would help me concentrate when I studied. Does that surprise and even shock you? Perhaps it should. Because even today I find it hard to believe that my […]

Passing for Thin: Losing Half My Weight and Finding Myself

With humor and vivd awareness, the author takes us through her early childhood, in which some of her earliest memories revolve around being defined as “fat” ,( “Obese? That’s you.” said her physician dad, who loved her, yet was sometimes caustic.); adolescence, in which she grappled with the teasing of peers and a brother who […]