Arlene B. Englander

Licensed Psychotherapist, LCSW, MBA, PA

Love Your Food

What is Love Your Food®

Love Your Food® is for all those who would like to enjoy all the foods they love yet stop at the point of satisfaction without overeating. It’s a program for anyone who has tried unsuccessfully to overcome overeating through dieting, strict boot camp programs, pills and more. Clients learn to

  • Relax over their food
  • Enjoy food more
  • Feel fully satisfied with less

How is Love Your Food® unique?

This work we do is pleasure-oriented. It does not include a rigid diet, self-denial, public weighing, etc. As opposed to other programs which tell clients exactly what to eat, the goal of our work is to make you self-regulating. We’ll actually eat occasional meals together (an Eating Experience) in which you will learn to savor your food, enjoy it more, yet stop just at the point of satisfaction, – a habit you’ll learn and love to use for a lifetime.

How does the program work?

We address both the causes and symptoms of compulsive overeating. The causes, which may be depression, anxiety, or ineffectively handled stress are treated with focused stress management or psychotherapy. The symptoms, including the habit of eating compulsively and excessively, are extinguished as the client learns more effective ways of coping with stress away from the table, while turning stress off and enjoyment on while at the table.

Is Love Your Food® a group or individual program?

It can be practiced with individuals or groups, depending on the availability of the latter. Couples can work on the program together, too.

How long does the program last?

Because clients are coached in new techniques for enjoying their food and managing stress, the time frame and intensity of the program can vary with the individual rate of learning. On average, though, sessions are held weekly for the first three months and less often for three addional months. Thereafter, occasional consultative sessions may be held as needed.

How much does the program cost?

This again can vary depending on whether insurance is applicable. A sliding scale is available so that the program is affordable to most people.

Because Love Your Food® is a unique, individualized psychotherapeutic program, its price may not be comparable to that of standardized diet plans.

Who developed Love Your Food®

Love Your Food® was developed by Arlene B. Englander, LCSW, MBA, PA, a licensed psychotherapist for twenty years. Ms. Englander, a Columbia graduate, has created health promotion programs for hospitals, corporations and law firms, while on staff at settings as diverse as Cancer Care, Inc., and American Express, and T.R.S. She is a former Director of Community Education for the Holliswood Hospital in New York City, a psychiatric facility with an esteemed eating disorders unit. Ms. Englander is, herself, a former compulsive over-eater.

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