Let Go of Emotional Overeating and Love Your Food

Let Go of Emotional Overeating and Love Your Food

“Compassionate wisdom for all who suffer from emotional overeating.” — Library Journal

Let Go of Emotional Overeating and Love Your Food is for anyone who would like to eat whatever they like, yet stop just at the point of satisfaction without overeating.

Written by a Columbia University trained psychotherapist and former emotional overeater, Let Go of Emotional Overeating and Love Your Food offers psychologically sound techniques for recognizing the symptoms of emotional overeating and methods for addressing it in ways that are both effective and enjoyable.

Arlene B. Englander

I believe that psychotherapy is a collaborative process in which I work with clients to help them better understand themselves and others as they work to achieve their goals. By becoming more aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, we can all become more compassionate towards ourselves, as well as gain greater control of ourselves and our lives. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength.

Arlene B Englander

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“Arlene Englander does a masterful job of translating complex emotions and belief systems into easy-to-understand language. Challenge yourself to be healthier and read this book!”

Marshall Teitelbaum, MD, Atlantic Psychiatric Care

“Clear, accessible, and full of common-sense, this book can help you re-negotiate a love-hate relationship with food, undo patterns of emotional eating, and gain self-awareness and self-compassion. Arlene Englander will be your perfect guide. Her wisdom and experience spring forth from every page.”

Hope Edelman, New York Times bestselling author of “Motherless Daughters”

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